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Owner Representative and Construction Management

We offer a comprehensive solution for project accompaniment, consultancy, project directing and organizing Your projects, both private residential and commercial projects with medium to big project scale. This service usually happened only with big scale project with several consultant firms involved.

Before we proceed, we will have a deep discussion with Project Owner about what resources existed, which target that will be determine in term of financial and or quality wise with SWOT analysis and Balance Score Card. After that we will offer the stage of accompaniment that will conduct, including Feasibility Study, concept design, building permits submission, design development, initial budget, ROI calculation and Bill of Quantity, tender process, contract agreement, financial solution, project scheduling, project management, fit out, procurement of Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FFE), marketing promo as far as product sales. In regards with all scope of works mentioned, we will cooperate with other expert consultants in their respective fields needed and organizing all processes ahead.


Our offering fee is very flexible, depends on difficulty level of the project, project location, timeline given, number of consultants needed any many other. We open for any fee proposal including monthly fee, success fee, stocks option, percentage wise fee and other. For Your peace of mind guarantee, there will be no additional fee or success fee reduction if any project delay happened.

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