What we do

We have been doing constructing since 2001, now we are focusing as Owner Representative and Construction Management company for medium to high projects scale both for private residential and commercial projects with comprehensive services, on board experts, technology applies, theoretical and practical approach solution evaluate by Cost-Quality-Time-Yield analysis.

Our services

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  • Owner Representative and Construction Management
    We offer a comprehensive solution for project accompaniment, consultancy, project directing and organizing Your projects, both private residential and commercial projects with medium to big project scale. This service usually...
  • Construction Management
    We offer to direct, organize and accompany Your Project during construction process, both for private residential or commercial projects. Number of consultants deployed depends on the need and scope of...
  • Building Contractor
    We are a general contractor for both private residential and commercial project. We build low rise to medium rise projects, with all aspects of construction including structural, architectural finishing, interior...
  • Building Maintenance
    We offer choice of total out-sourcing from us, or mix with in-house team or other option is timely consultancy service to review the building and its function, looking for quality...

Our projects

please kindly understand that not all projects we handled are in the list below

    Owner Representative & Construction Management
    • Hotel Arthama Jakarta, 10 floors, Wahid Hasyim Jakarta, 2017
    • Hotel Kebon Kacang, 8 floors, Jl.Kebon Kacang Jakarta, 2017
    • Hotel Karsa Utama, 5 floors, Jl.Kebon Kacang 4 Jakarta, 2017
    • Royal Kebayoran Hospital, 4 floors, Jl.Birah Jakarta , 2017
    • Karsa Utama Sport Centre, 2 floors, Jl.S.Parman Gorontalo, 2017
    • Apartment for rent, 4 floors, Melawai Jakarta, 2017
    • Private resident, 3 floors, Hang Lekir Jakarta, 2017
    • Hotel Arthama Makassar, 21 floors, Jl.H.Bau Makassar, 2016
    • Karsa Utama Mall, 4 floors, Jl.S.Parman Gorontalo, 2016
    • Hyundai Auto Showroom, 2 floors, Surabaya, 2016
    • Kawasaki Motor Showroom, 2 floors, Depok, 2015
    • Toyota Auto Showroom, 2 floors, Samarinda, 2015
    • Chevrolet Auto Showroom, 2 floors, Wiyung Surabaya, 2015
    • Yamaha Motor Showroom, 2 floors, Balikpapan, 2015
    • Daihatsu Auto Showroom, 2 floors, Jayapura, 2014
    • Yamaha Motor Showroom, 2 lantai, Jl.Langko Lombok, 2014
    • Office Building, 8 floors, Jl.TB.Simatupang Jakarta, 2014
    • Training Center Building, 5 floors, Hyundai Area Cikarang, 2013
    • Restaurant Outlet Soup Spoon, 2 outlets in Jakarta, 2013
    • Restaurant Outlet Manhattan Fish Market, 5 outlets in Jakarta, 2010 – 2013
    • Interior work, Unit Apartment for rent in Cikarang, West Java, 2017
    • Interior work, Unit Apartment for rent in Karawaci, Banten, 2016
    • Interior work, Unit Apartment for rent in Serpong, Banten, 2016
    • Interior work, Hyundai Office in Duta Merlin, Jakarta 2010
    • Mosque in Pekalongan, 2 floors, Central Java, 2008
    • One cluster of houses for sale, Pekalongan Central Java, 2007
    • Office building of Kospin Jasa, 4 floors, Warung Buncit Jakarta 2007
    • Gas station and sport centre, 2 floors, Pekalongan Central Java, 2006
    • Office building, 4 floors, Sunter Jakarta, 2006
    • Office building of Kospin Jasa, 4 floors, Weleri Central Java, 2005
    • Office building of Kospin Jasa, 4 floors, Tegal Central Java, 2004
    • Private villa L-234, 3 floors, Rancamaya Bogor, 2003
    • Private villa D-13, 2 floors, Rancamaya Bogor, 2002
    • Private resident,2 floors, Bogor Baru Bogor, 2001