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About us

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Started as general construction contractor since 2001, now we are focusing as full service in project management as an Owner Representative and Construction Management consultant company for medium to big project scale for both private and commercial projects with comprehensive solution, on board experts, technology application, theoretical and practical approach solution based on Cost-Quality-Time-Yield analysis.

All this time the Construction Management service only happened with big project scale which involved many disciplines and consultants, but not many CM used in medium-small or medium-big project scale. Medium scale project like private resident, auto showroom, restaurant, 4 stars hotel or lower and hospital C type.

We are to fill the segment with choice of efficient and affordable fee package based on Your project scale with risk on us, means that we will not ask for additional fee if the technical delay happen.

Our service is not only accompaniment during construction (construction management only) but far before construction and there far after construction finished. Our service can be started from Feasibility Study, design concept, building permits submission, design development (structural, architectural or MEP), initial budget calculation, ROI calculation, Bill of Quantity, tender process, contract agreement, financial solution, project scheduling as far as fitting out, procurement of Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FFE), marketing promo, product launching and sales (for commercial project only).

Our strengths are to focus on the total cost of the project according to the budget determined by approaching theoretical, practical and value engineering solutions.


In order for the total cost of the project (including additional work) not larger than our initial budget, we do theoretical solutions starting from selection of architect/designer/structural consultant, adequate building structure, appropriate materials and system selection (especially MEP) and value engineering. Practical solutions such as building functional vs aesthetic analysis, BEP (break even point) and yields calculation for commercial projects only. Sometimes practical solutions force us to work on projects on a self-managed basis so we become contractors of development.

Consultants/experts in their respective fields will be deployed according to the needs of each project at the time stages, supported by the application of technology, choice of application program for project monitoring, scheduling software and composite images (Revit) so as to minimize errors in the field .


We consist of various experts who are incorporated, both in-house consultant and partner consultant so we not only provide aesthetically good design, fast work or project does not exceed the budget but we balance everything; Cost, Quality, Time and Yield of which at least 3 things are met simultaneously.

Also with us, your project will be run with fun and less stress according to our tagline, It's handled!